The place to find and book photographers


Truefie is a start-up project that we hope will have photographers worldwide excited. We're building a platform to introduce photographers to the everyday people who could use their services. Photography is one of the main languages of our time -- we love to take and share photographs. But it can be a real inconvenience to take photographs of yourself and your loved ones, when you're trying to enjoy yourself. So, we're introducing a platform where people can search for local photographers and book them for the great moments of their lives, without the formality typically associated with "booking a photographer". It doesn't have to be something as grand as a wedding or a fashion photoshoot, but you might just like to have a photographer meet you for an hour to take a picture of you and your partner while on holiday, or come take some photographs of your grandmother's birthday party. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination, and that's the idea behind the flexibility of the Truefie platform: we connect you to skilled local photographers who can fit in your budget, and you fill in the details. We manage the payment transaction, so there's no risk for either party, and we even guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the photos, or your money back. We've currently launched in the Dutch market, with plans to expand worldwide.