A full e-commerce webshop that supports multiple languages


The Sting is an international Young Fashion chain with 65 stores across 4 countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. Oramon has worked closely with The Sting from the initial concept of the online shop to the launch of the website and beyond.

The Sting web shop launched in 2013 for the Dutch market and has since expanded to offer their products online internationally. As a forward-thinking and youth-focused company, The Sting wanted to develop a shopping solution that worked seamlessly across various devices and platforms, creating a true omnichannel experience.

Due to our close relationship with The Sting, we are able to think alongside each other, co-creating solutions that solve complex business challenges with our e-commerce and technological expertise. With this trusting and collaborative interaction, we’re also able to react fluidly to changing demands in the market, adjusting our developments according to The Sting’s top priorities.

The Sting webshop

Project duration: 2013 - present

Our relationship with The Sting started with building the webshop, which launched in 2013 for the Dutch market and has continued to expand, ever since. The Sting presented us with a rare opportunity in the form of a special challenge: to build their first webshop from scratch. And not just any webshop, but a 'best of breed' webshop that could provide a world class online shopping experience.

Their ambitions were high, which made the project truly interesting. The webshop was meant to be technologically and functionally sophisticated from Day 1, so it included integrations with many third party services: asset management, search, analytics, A/B testing, social networking, address lookups, and customer support, among others. Because the client didn't already have a webshop at the start of the process, we built the solution from the ground up, advising not only on the technologies involved but the back-end processes necessary to support the new web presence.

After the initial launch, we continued to make improvements, and expand capabilities. We later expanded the webshop into multiple countries in an internationalization effort, which included not only producing the site in multiple languages, but multiple currencies, and integrating address lookups for local country standards, as well as local customer support integrations.

We've also coordinated our team with The Sting's SAP implementation in a huge effort towards offering their inventory from various sources (including the distribution points, webshop stock, and stock from brick-and-mortar stores) into a single source, to optimize sales and improve customer experience.

Our relationship with The Sting was rooted in the realisation of the webshop, but quickly grew into one based foremost on overall e-commerce consultancy, as we took on more of a leading role in program management, project management and analysis. It has been a rich and rewarding co-creative collaboration.

The Sting mobile website

Project duration: 2014 - present

After successfully launching The Sting's webshop, we built a version designed specifically for mobile devices. With slimmed-down functionality and mobile-specific interaction, the mobile website has full webshop capabilities, with users able to browse and buy from The Sting's product offering.

Once again, we were involved from the initial stages of the project, working with external stakeholders to turn usability studies into the right decisions for development. We continued to consult during the design phase, to ensure a consistent translation from the Desktop to the Mobile versions. We built the site for optimal usability across all modern devices, and then, following this, performed extensive testing across platforms and devices to confirm our results.

The mobile platform remains an integral part of The Sting's online presence and sales capabilities, and we continue to improve the mobile website as a part of our cooperation with The Sting.

The Sting Point of Service app

Project duration: Late 2014 - present

The Sting realized a key gap in their ability to service customers: while a customer was visiting one of the brick-and-mortar stores, they may encounter that a specific product was sold out, or not available in their size. But that product could easily be available in one of the other stores, or in the distribution facilities! The big question was: How could they offer to in-store customers their full stock availability, thereby maximizing not only the customer experience but also potential sales?

We worked together with The Sting to produce the solution to this challenge in the form of an in-store app, Point of Service, which could be placed in kiosks in each of their stores. In the initial version of the POS app, we offered web-shop capabilities to a custom app, using stock availability information supplied by SAP from the distribution center, so that customers could not only view the full product range and availability, but also, using the kiosk's payment terminal, they could buy products on the spot and have their purchase shipped directly to their home address or have it sent to the shop for pick-up. Store sales associates are also able to use the app to check pricing and availability, easing the strain of their workload to help customers with products that are hard to source.

With purchases being made on the in-store kiosks immediately after their installation, the proof of concept project was deemed a success by both The Sting and Oramon, and we continue to make improvements to the POS app.