Finding out when is the right time to book your flight!


HelloTrip is a start-up project that provides predictions of pricing for flight tickets, empowering consumers to make better decisions regarding when to book a ticket, as they start to plan a trip. The predictor service is based on billions of price points from many airlines, crunching numbers based on custom algorithms and machine learning, in order to deliver to travellers an answer to the simple but often difficult question, “Should I buy now, or wait?”

Visitors to the HelloTrip website can enter information based on the flight that they'd like to take, including origin and destination, and desired travel dates, and then perform a search. HelloTrip returns relevant flights, and offers advice on purchasing based on the predicted prices over the next two weeks, whether the flight price is expected to go up or down. Launched in September 2015, HelloTrip has started with offering information about flights out of Amsterdam (60 destinations) and Paris (30 destinations), but has plans to expand into more European points of origin in 2016.